Missing my baby so badly...

I was wondering since i have nothing to do, what the hell is blogging??? Really i have no idea.. hmmmm.. Right now i'm wondering what am i gonna talk about, what am I gonna post, and I really don't know. But since i'm missing someone.. I guess where just gonna start from there. This someone may come unexpected to all of you but I love her and right now I'm missing her badly since she's not with me.... I miss our play time together.... is it possible to miss this adorable creature so much??? fufufufufufu... (T_T) --------->>

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Have you met that someone who accepted and loved you because of your imperfections?
I have, we met through our imperfections,

He accepted me, broken and incomplete from an unclear relationship
He shared my sadness, laughter, and madness
Accepted me for who I was,
And for who I am now...
He tried to make things right,
He tried to bring happiness back to me, by saving that relationship
Even though if it means Him losing me
As long as it would make me happy...

I loved Him for it
I loved the way He cared for me
The way He made me smile
and how He lighten my day...
I love the way He thinks of me
His oh so corny compliments,
His chubby chubby chub chub
Him being sometimes pensium 1...
I even love the way He irritates the hell out of me...

He brings out the worst and best of me
And still loved me through it all
With that,
Each and everyday i fell...
Each and every second of everyday
I fell and fell
Until I fell completely...
Completely In love for each and every second of my everyday...

And I hope He felt the same way...

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