A Little Something About Me...

 Hi, since i'm new here and at blogging, at this site and all.. so just wanna update you on some things about me... My name is Donna Cortez ♥♥♥ (a very common name) I'm currently living in Dumaguete City. Oh and this is me...without make-up... As you can see I really don't know how to smile.. I think that's just a smirk..hahaha

I'm a very shy person, well that's what I thought of myself but others seem to contradict me at that.. hmmm.. wonder why.. hahahaha I'm shy but i'm talkative to those people that I know.. I'm like one of those "slow-to-warm-up" kind of people... which by the way sucks! hehehe Anyways... let's see and compare the ME with make-up on.. shall we...♥♥♥ :)

I look totally different, doesn't even look like the usual ME at all... Let me introduce you to my "alter ego", she's confident, sweet and naughty, and girly. And she's way cooler.. ♥♥♥<kidding> Anyways that's me when I join Beauty Contest, Fashion Shows and Photo shoots.. I know what you're thinking, who the heck am I? Well that's why I'm making this blog so that you'll know me... hahaha I'm really a nobody who just likes to dress up, I do join those kind of stuffs just for fun and out of boredom...I'm a novice at modeling in front of a camera and on the runway... At least I know now the feeling and I have an experience at all of those..♥♥♥  In beauty contests well, I'm kinda doing well at it, emphasize on the KINDA part.. :) Here's a pic of the recent Beauty Contest that I had joined where I represented my city, originally Bais City in the search for Mr. and Ms. Buglasan 2010..♥♥♥
Crowned as Miss Buglasan 2010
I made my parents and family proud.. and I made my City proud <i hope> hahahaha..♥♥♥

We'll this is simply me.. you've already met my baby dog.. so I've got nothing else, my mind's empty and i got nothing more..period.. ♥♥♥ hahaha just watch out for more of my blog post.. JUST THOUGHTS, simply my thoughts and a  glimpse of my world...♥♥♥

hugs and kisses ♥♥♥ 

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