A3's Pizza Christmas Party! ♥

Hello! I'm back again.. 
Just wanna share this memorable moment with my CI group..
This is our last Christmas party together as a group before we went our separate ways after graduation... 
<hope not   (-_-)>
Anyways, we had a pizza party with our clinical instructor Mrs. Susan Albarracin yesterday at 12/14/11...
We had our case presentation first..--which went okay, thank God for that--...
Then after it was Party Partey!
A total of 10 pizza's and 1 cake at the center.. yum! 

Here's some of the pizza's we ate.. somehow this is making me hungry...  :D
And  here's my manita our Clinical Instructor Mrs. Albarracin holding my gift and I'm holding a gift from her.. 
And  it turned out I was also the Manita of our CI, hahaha.. It was so unexpected.. 
I forgot to take a picture of my gift to Ma'am :( so sad huhuhu 
But anyways here's a picture of what i got from Ma'am A.. 
Received an ice watch from Ma'am A.. Super Love it!
The gift i gave Ma'am A was 4 hand towels (which was what she asked for) and I added a cup similar to the color of the watch she gave... oh di ba! What a coincidence! :D

Here's our CI group... looks can be deceiving y'all.. each has personality that is an asset to our group :D

Pouty puty before eating..  ♥

Every one's goofing around while eating 

And here's every one receiving their Gifts =ALL SMILES= yey! 
Zuzette and Nelevine  

Myles and Aisha <Joreen at the back>

Jay and Aisha

Jay and Joreen

Tiara and Joreen

Charm and Tiara

Myles and Paul

Everyone happy.. and they got what they asked and wished for....
Hope you'll have your WISH granted this Christmas...
'till next time...
♥ Just Thoughts 

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Sarah ayon kay ...

What a lovely and memorable christmas party celebration! It looks like you all had lots of fun! xo

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