Just a few thoughts on death or dying... Since its almost November but mostly coz its almost DECEMBER, where I lost one of the dearest people in my life, my grandfather/lolo last 2010. It shattered me to pieces. Even now where its almost 3 years since his passing, when I remember him it makes me shed a tear still. The hurt is never lost, its still there along with the memories.

I'm watching GLEE right at this moment while writing this and the episode is #RememberingCory and watching all the cast members sing and pay tribute to him on how nice a guy he is and remembering him for all the good things that he's done made me feel sad and think that "WHY DO MOSTLY ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE DIE EARLY?".

Its just frustrating to think that most good people die young or early. When we think about it why do they have to die so early while most of the bad people in this world gets to live on and enjoy their meaningless lives while the good ones that made so many good memories and good things to others gets to go and die. People who have been called and remembered as heroes when you see closely they had to go at a young age, when they still have a whole life ahead of them to do more good things and bring happiness to the people around them and maybe the world. While the criminals/ bad people gets to live on, the saying in tagalog "Ang masamang damo di madaling mamatay" does it really apply? There are lots of things that can be heard in the news nowadays of people dying while saving someone else's lives, people dying because was being raped, prosecuted wrongfully, died because was protecting oneself and the bad people who brought on all of those bad things to them gets to live, was just put in prison and will later be released once he served his term. And were not even sure if he's learned his lesson or not, or if after release he will start doing good or bad again. Right? -naghahanap ng kakampi.

I'm just blowing of steam and finding an outlet for all the frustration in my life. This is One of the reason also why I don't like watching the news on TV because of all the NEGATIVITY that i'm always hearing: death here and there, killings here and there, etc., its just plain SAD. And this post may sound as if I'm PRO death penalty or something but to tell you the truth I'm kinda on the NEUTRAL side of things. Half of me wanted all of those mothaF*****s dead with lethal injection or electrified whatever but a part of me said that Who Are We To Kill or End A Life, When We Know That It Is  Not Ours To Take.

Maybe this will serve as a lesson, for me, that we need to do good. Since most of the people who are doing good are taken away from us we need to step up and take their place. So that we can also be taken early. Haha Just kidding, adding humor to a sad post. lol The more doing good the merrier it will be, the more doing good the lesser will their be bad and fewer bad things will happen that will cause the good to be taken. Its as simple as that. 

This post also makes me think what if I was the one who died young, will there be any good memories, or good things that the people in my life would remember about me. Or would I be remembered for a long time or be just forgotten easily and as early as I died. Makes me think of what kind of life am I living, what kind of path am I taking and what kind of impressions and memories am I leaving. Once in awhile we need to ask ourselves this questions to help us take a bigger picture on what we really want our lives to become, to see if we were just wasting most of our lives so that if we were we could still change it. We Still Have A Chance To Change the course that were going in our lives, a chance to CHANGE because we still have a life, were still breathing, were still here where we still have a chance to make an impression and leave good memories to the people that we love and to the people around us. It is never too late, it is never too late... 

When you think everything is lost, when you think you have sunk to the deepest that you could ever imagine and you think there's no more chance, PINCH yourself. PINCH yourself until it hurts. That pain signifies that there's still LIFE. You are still alive, with life there is still a chance, there is still a chance for you to get up and take a chance, if there's no chance going your way make that chance, at least do something. You are only defeated when you give up and if you die. If your still alive don't ever get tired of standing up and grabbing every chance you get even if you fall down, always get up. IT IS NEVER TOO LATE TO TAKE A CHANCE to MAKE A CHANGE, for the better.

Do GOOD and Take a leap of faith and Take a Chance to Make a Change.

*Take it from me, I get up everyday and take a chance on Life.

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