<Wrote this post a few years ago and forgot to post it. And i just wanted to share this moment since it was really memorable with my batchies in college.>

Celebrated my 20th Birthday last 1/27, my boyfriend really did well plotting for a surprise.. hahaha
I really had no clue what they were all up to.. Was feeling down and lonely early in the morning coz i really wanted to see my family and celebrate my birthday with them... (-__-) i just received a call and text from my parents greeting me a happy birthday... They were also celebrating my birthday at home... which was so depressing coz i wasn't there!!! grrrr.. anyways when i arrived at school my CI mates didn't even greeted me on my birthday when all of our other classmates were already wishing me a happy added to my depressed mode... hahaha but i didn't mind it at all.... 
Hadn't realized that it was all part of there master plan!!!! Grrrr...
This are the happenings on that day...

Surprised with all their heartwarming messages for me... aww...

pizza parteeeyyyy.. :D

Some of my other batchies/friends from other groups.. :* 

With one of our favorite Clinical Instructors.. coz he's so cool, so chill lang, funny and smart as well..

And yah... One of my most treasured memories..

snap..snap.. stored in my brain forever... <3

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