Sophie's New Do...

Here is a pic of my baby's new haircut.. doesn't it look cute and fresh.. Anyways credits to my boyfriend Harvey for the haircut.. he actually did it by himself.. who knew he knows how to cut hair... hmmm.. might as well let him try to cut my hair to save money... hahahahahaha anyways its good that her hair is short now since the weather is gettin' hotter so as to avoid a HEAT STROKE...! Dogs do get heat stroke, so in order to avoid it make sure to:

1. Let them stay indoors where it is cool, or let them stay under shady areas.
2. Always provide them with water to drink to cool their bodies down!
3. Don't expose them too long under the scorching heat of the sun, or don't expose them at all! Especially at noon time and for very cute and very little dogs.
4. Don't forget to bathe them.

Those are just some of the things that I follow for my baby to not get Heat Stroke... Hope you follow them as well.... ♥♥♥

hugs and kisses ♥♥♥

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